The new digital destination for the travel industry

After more than 2 years of intensive development World Travel Nation will be launched soon. WTN is not just another business idea adjusted a bit and marketed again in “another color”; WTN created the place for travel industry professionals to meet and interact – to do business – and to get good value deals.

The travel industry is always on the move – not only literally; finding new destinations and B2B partners, promoting, networking, arranging conferences out of town etc. Today most of this work is done the old-fashioned way; telephone, Google research, promotion campaigns and visiting trade fairs; hard and sometime painful work.

What is World Travel Nation?


  • WTN is the platform where a lot of these activities will be done in a faster, simpler and more effective way… and we are global.
  • WTN brings the platform; the Community members bring the action. Here you close business deals  – and get that 5-star vacation you need at a price you are fine with!
  • WTN is the global platform for FAM Trips and Travel Industry Rates; post, find, bingo!
  • Use the WTN Marketplace to find a new job at the other end of the world; or sell the last 3 hotel rooms for the upcoming X-mas at a discount.
  • WNT is the place where you present yourself, your skills, offers etc. But remember, here it is like the sausage; the output is no better than the input; create an interesting and telling profile; we are not The Yellow Pages!


Global also means different cultures and ways of interacting. Let’s all meet with respect and curiosity.

The last 2.5 years have been challenging. We have had several changes along the way; the content has been modified several times, we went down the wrong alley on the IT side, we lost a few team members along the track – and we spent more time and money as planned (I guess that is nothing WTN unique).

But here we are. Ready to bring an industry-changing digital meeting place to the market. We have a great team to launch this, we have had super input from industry experts, we have fantastic IT support and we have the members from the Beta Test – thank you for the input.

And we gained new friends along the way – more to come!

Off we go …

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