Meet our platform developers

Tatiana, the WTN IT princess.


Hi everybody,
I’m Tatiana and I am the IT project manager on the WTN project.

I am from Minsk, Belarus. I have done more than 30 travel and banking IT projects in the past. I love my job; I love the creativity and the challenges – every day a new challenge; and it ends with smaller or larger successes  – or sometimes failures – but most days I go home with a feeling that I have done something very useful and that I have helped my clients to move on. All solutions and ideas do not  come right away. Often I need more than just one night of sleep to find the answer to the puzzle; but “the brain boiling” pays off!

Do I only work? No!


In my spare time I go to the gym, ride my bike in our nature (got a lot of that here) or just chill with friends around a campfire. In order not to get too lean and fit I eat raspberry pralines; my favorites.. everytime I hope not to gain too much weight – I studied maths; but it is not all logical :-).

GP Solutions – experienced platform developers


My company, GP Solutions, is an established global travel technology vendor delivering advanced and innovative travel solutions to hundreds of customers across the globe. We have more than 17 years of experience in developing advanced software. We have more than 200 specialists located in Munich, Minsk and Miami.

GP Solutions guides its customers throughout the complete project development cycle. This typically involves analyzing, designing, implementation, delivery and 24-hours support. We easily integrate GDSs, Online Travel Agencies, Hotels, develop our own products for the development of Itinerary, hotel booking, purchasing of flights and other various travel services. We are experienced in the development of a big range of products, such as Universal Hotel Mapping Platform and the innovative messenger, which will replace all existing ones. Our customers are cruise companies, banks, OTAs and many others – and of course WTN. We make online services accessible!

I am very proud to say that in the last almost 2 years we worked on and co-developped what I think is one of the most interesting and intensive IT / travel projects worldwide – WTN.

We, the IT crew / family, worked 24 / 7 to develop something new in the travel industry. It might sound exaggerated; but I hounestly believe we have developed something unique in the IT and in the travel industry. It is more than just another platform – it is a new way for the global travel industry to develop.

I hope you are just half as excited as I am about World Travel Nation! We are waiting for the official launch and we are excited to hear your feed back. We are off to change ways and things!!!


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