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In our latest blog post we have been talking about FAM Trips. But these are not the only marketing tools for companies and not the only opportunity for travel professionals to see the world and gain real life experiences. Continue reading and find out more about Travel Deals!

What is a Travel Deal?

Travel Deals are discounted travel offers exclusivly for WTN members of the travel industry. You may call them special deals for travel industry employees, agent travel rates, interline rates or pep travel. We just call them travel deals for travel professionals.

For whom are those special offers?

Like FAM Trips, travel deals are a great marketing opportunity for hotels, airlines, cruises, travel agencies and every company in the travel industry that wants to gain attention globally and need to fill their empty rooms, seats or cabins in low season.

Everybody knows that you as an employee in the travel industry do not earn millions providing the perfect holidays to others. Special deals compensate that a bit; for employees in the travel industry, those offers are a great opportunity to travel the world, discover new destination and in the end – save money on their own vacation.

What kind of special rates are to find on World Travel Nation?

WTN Members who registered as a company can offer for other members a wide range of worldwide discounted deals for vacations at attractive prices in all categories of the travel industry:

  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Cruises
  • Tours and tour packages
  • Vacations rentals
  • Transfers and car rentals

Some of our members also offer great deals for partners of the travel industry at special rates.

You can already find the first great offers at

How can World Travel Nation ensure that only discounted rates are offered?

Each posting needs to be proved by the WTN team before it gets published. Our verification team checks every new offer and compares the regular prices to the Travel Deal. Only discounted rates get posted on the World Travel Nation platform.


So, what are you waiting for? Explore all your opportunities today!


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