Job Market for Travel Professionals

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We have already told you about your opportunities with the World Travel Nation Marketplace. Today, we want to give you some more specific information about the WTN Job Market.

Why posting job offers and job seeks in the WTN Marketplace?

Job offers for Travel Professionals

You know how it actually works. You post your job offer in different channels because you know that each of your future employees is using different platforms to check for new opportunities. On the one hand you publish your offer in social media channels like Facebook or LinkedIn knowing that it will be displayed to non-travel professionals. On the other hand, you pay for headhunters or publish on different job platforms that charge you for each posting.

World Travel Nation is different! With us, you only reach out to travel professionals and check your applicant´s experience and former employers directly in our community. And the best thing: You can post unlimitedly without paying a cent. It is all included in your membership fee.

Travel Professionals Job seeks

As you are searching for a new opportunity, maybe in a country you have always dreamt of living in. Isn´t it annoying to browse your travel related Facebook groups, LinkedIn and different platforms, that everybody -even not working in the travel industry- uses?

World Travel Nation is here for you! In our Marketplace you only find travel related job offers and can check your future employer right away. You will get informed if a company that you are following publishes a job vacancy. So, you are always up to date.

Some hints for a successful post

  • Choose a catching posting title
  • Enter your preferred contact information
  • Add an informative and interesting description
  • Upload a catchy mood image

So, what are you waiting for? Find your future employee or the job you always dreamt of.


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