Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the World Travel Nation platform.

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Why should I join?

A World Travel Nation membership pays for itself. Create new business partnerships, save time and money, and benefit from industry discounts, global media coverage, and access to the global B2B world of industry, agents, and industry partners.

Professionals welcome
World Travel Nation is a melting pot of tourism industry professionals and tourism industry partners from around the world. Share expertise with other professionals, connect with new partners, promote your products, land your dream job, or find talented new employees for your business.
Companies welcome
Showcase your business’ latest offers, products and unique proposition to the tourism professionals who will help your company grow. Develop profitable business relationships with other professionals and partner companies and let highly qualified personnel find you.

What is World Travel Nation?

World Travel Nation (WTN) is a new global B2B membership-based network of verified tourism industry professionals and travel industry partners. Designed by travel industry veterans, the platform has been created with all facets of the tourism sector in mind. You’ll find profiles of individual travel professionals, travel companies, partners, and tourism boards. Make the right connections to service your clients, build your business, stay on top of travel industry news, and take the next step in your career.

Who can join us?

Tourism professionals, travel industry partners and travel industry companies from all over the world are welcome to join World Travel Nation.


Tourism professionals in the following businesses:

  • Accommodation
  • Business Travel
  • Transportation
  • Tourism Organisations
  • Travel Agencies & Companies
  • Online Travel Industry
  • Travel Associates
  • Travel Communities

Professionals with travel industry customers in the following businesses:

  • Activities, Entertainment, Incentives or Support
  • Audiovisual and Technical Services
  • Finance, Investment, Insurance or Legal
  • Hospitality
  • Marketing, Content, Media or PR
  • Locations
  • Professional Travel Education
  • Technology Services
  • Trade Show

What benefits and tools will I have access to?

If you work in the tourism industry and are interested in expanding your business, you should consider to joining World Travel Nation. When you become a member of the World Travel Nation, you have the opportunity to network with like-minded travel professionals to promote your business and share ideas for growth.

World Travel Nation provides travel and tourism professionals with a closed industry the best special industry rates for their own travel.

FAM trips
One of the easiest ways to gain real-life travel experience is by going on a familiarization trip, more commonly known as a FAM trip. FAM trips may be offered by tourist boards, hotel chains, or any other supplier that recognizes how much first-hand knowledge benefits the travel professionals that are selling their products.

The World Travel Nation Marketplace is packed with opportunities to connect and grow. Make your next big career move, find the ideal employee for your business, develop new skills through a webinar, or grow your professional network at a meet-up in your city.

A place to share & exchange knowledge, experiences and all things travel & tourism related. Find the answers you are searching for, discuss relevant topics and get inspired.

How do I register?

Becoming a member of the World Travel Nation family is quite easy. Take a look on our tutorials to see, how it works.