Happy Sovereignty Day, Serbia!

On February 15th and 16th Serbia celebrates its Sovereignty Day. 

Tourism in Serbia 

The number of foreign visitors has grown by close to 80% from 2014 to 2019. In 2019 1.9 million foreign visitors came; 4 million overnight stays were sold to foreign visitors – up 10% from 2018. 

Most visitors come from China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and Germany. The number of Russia visitors – brother countries – has decreased somewhat the last years 

Serbia is not yet an overrun destination; you will find calm and easy countryside, beautiful, old Orthodox churches, old monuments and architecture. And if you want to party; downtown Belgrade has it all – for a fraction of what you would pay in Paris, Milan, or Miami. 


The National Day 

Serbia has a difficult history; many times, in the past the country was oppressed by larger ones. 

Around 1400 the Ottoman Empire was an expanding and aggressive state which controlled much of South East Europe. In 1540 the Ottoman Empire annexed Serbia; Muslim Turks and Orthodox Serbians; the visitors were not welcome!  

During the next 300 years particular Austria but also other European countries fought several wars with the Ottomans. Often the Serbs got involved. Serbians are not the ones to back down from a good fight. 

In 1804 Serbia was occupied by a renegade Osman army. The Turks beheaded 70 Serbians which triggered an uprising starting February 14th. In 1805 Serbia formed its own governmentPeace didn’t last long; in 1814 Osmania got aggressive again. A new uprising took place and on February 15th Serbia established a government and adopted a new constitution. 



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